Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ixion Manning Wardle in two scales

1.  All Gone - 7mm Manning Wardles

Ixion has received word from Chris Basten at Dragon Models, Wales to say that he has sold  his last remaining finescale 7mm brass 'H' Class Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST. This means that the loco has now sold out worldwide.

Ixion is prepared to consider a re-run of this loco in 7mm scale if there is sufficient interest. If you missed out, and would like to obtain one, please email info@ixionmodels.com to register your interest. We would also be interested in hearing what livery you would like; possibilities are unlined apple green, unlined black, and lined blue.

2.  Gauge 3 (1:22.5) Manning Wardle

Ixion has also been approached to ask whether we would consider manufacturing our Manning Wardle in Gauge 3 (13.5mm/foot, 1:22.5 scale, 63.5mm gauge). We are canvassing the membership of the Gauge 3 Society via their Journal to gauge the level of interest. We would like to know what kind of power (track or battery) and control (DC controller or RC) purchasers would prefer.
Because of our commitment to our current program of mass-produced models, this loco would be manufactured to order, and only for pre-paid customers. The factory has indicated a minimum run of 50 locos is desirable. Once we have the specifications settled, we can ask for a quote which will then give us a price. We have no idea what that would be at the moment!
To register interest in this project, see the G3 Journal (if you're a member) or email info@ixionmodels.com if you aren't.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ixion's Technical Director Phil Badger has returned from China, having travelled there to oversee the production run of the 7mm scale Fowler 0-4-0DM. This loco is due to arrive from the mainland factory at the Hong Kong shipping point on Wednesday October 30.

All being well with the airfreighting and customs, the loco will be in Ixion's hands in both the UK and Australia in mid-November, and in-store with our stockists by the end of that month. The loco is supplied in fully lined and lettered GWR green, and plain unlined GWR green. We have made 500 of each variation. Fully one-fifth of the production run has already been pre-ordered in the UK, so don't delay in getting your order in. This is especially important for Australian customers, as we are only importing 50 models; 20 GWR and 30 plain green.

As always, Ixion gives you more for your money, and this loco is supplied with a range of etched brass Fowler maker's plates and suitable name plates. Also included is a brand-new set of injection moulded diesel loco tools - dummy oil and electric lamps, spanners, wrenches, hammers etc. Photos of these items will be posted soon, when I return from being away from home on business.

Ixion is delighted to have received an award from the USA's Model Rail Radio for 'Best Ready-To-Run Product O Scale 2012'. This for our 7mm scale Hudswell Clarke locomotive.

 Ixion Director Chris Klein is pictured here with the award.

Welcome to the Ixion Models blog

Dear friends and customers,
Welcome to the blog of Ixion Model Railways Ltd. We have created this blog to make it easier to keep you updated on the progress of our model manufacturing and marketing projects. 

Ixion was founded in 2007 by three renowned modellers; Chris Klein in the UK, and Phil Badger and Lindsay O'Reilly from Australia, in order to create finescale locomotives that reflect the interests of the owners. These diverse interests have been reflected in our products. Ixion has already released four models:

  • The GWR/BR 'Manor' Class 4-6-0 in British N scale (1:148). This loco sold out quickly, a second run was delivered, and then the tooling was sold. This loco is still available in its third production run, from Dapol Model Railways (and their dealers) in the United Kingdom.

The South Australian Railways' "Coffee Pots" Nos 1 and 2 in On30 (1:48 O scale, running on HO scale 16.5mm gauge track). These models have sold out form Ixion, but at the time of writing (late October 2013) a handful remain available from EDM Models in the UK.

The third model from Ixion was a limited run hand-built brass model of a standard 'H' Class Manning Wardle 0-4-0 saddle tank, modelled on the New South Wales Government Railways' loco number 1021. This model, in British 7mm/ft O Scale (1:43.5) was made in China and supplied in unlined black and lined blue liveries, with a small number of unpainted locos produced specially for Dragon Models of Wales. The photo below shows Ixion director Chris Klein's own loco, which he has weathered and fitted with a brass nameplate (not supplied). This model has sold out.

Ixion's fourth loco was the 7mm O scale Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0ST. This model of a popular standard contractor's loco was the first mass-produced finescale injection-moulded ready-to-run steam loco released to the UK and NSW 7mm markets. Enthusiastically received, the loco won "Steam Locomotive of the Year" in the Model Rail magazine, RMweb and MREmag 2012 Model of the Year awards. It was produced in the three liveries shown below. The loco came with a range of etched brass name and number plates plus Hudswell Clarke maker's plates. Also supplied was a set of injection moulded loco tools which have proven very popular, and are available separately from Ixion stockists.

Ixion's fifth model is the 7mm scale Fowler 0-4-0 Diesel Mechanical, representing the Great Western Railway's sole example, which they designated No.1. This loco is due in late November, 2013.