Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ixion Feature Article in 2015 BRM Annual

British Railway Modelling magazine has interviewed Ixion's UK Director Chris Klein for the 2015 BRM Annual. The whole issue is an excellent read, and you can get an insight into our company, and its history and plans. Buy a copy today!

This the cover you're looking for, and the contents page:

And this is your happy scribe with the magazine article, airmailed from the UK. We're on page 76!

New Hudswell Clarkes Arrive!

The new run of 7mm scale Hudswell Clarkes in Forest Green livery have arrived in the UK, and are on their way to shops that have pre-ordered them. They look wonderful - the factory has excelled themselves with the fit and finish. They also display the magnificent slow, smooth running of the originals. The loco also includes a brand-new fret of additional loco names, numbers and appropriate works plates for the cab side. 

Ixion's UK Director Chris Klein has taken this fantastic set of photos for you to enjoy. 
Please note - the coloured backgrounds to the fitted brass plates were applied by Chris to make them easier to see in the photo. Ordinary modeller's enamel paint is applied to the plates on the fret and, when dry, the fret is turned over and rubbed on fine emery paper to remove the paint on the raised lettering. You can see the fine abrasions on the bare brass; it works brilliantly.

The 20 locos slated for Australia are on a ship and will be arriving soon. Make sure you tell your local stockist that you want one put aside for you!

Could this be the perfect Christmas gift?..

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New Hudswell Clarke livery sample

These photos show the latest Ixion decoration sample, just received from the factory. 
The painted parts are the main components of our 7mm scale Hudswell Clarke locomotive: cab, saddle tank, coal bunker and footplate. The parts are just loosely arranged together, and photographed outdoors on a beautiful NSW spring day. We have called this livery "Forest Green", and you can see that it follows the pattern of lining used on the maroon loco, replacing the original yellow with red. You can compare it with my Photoshopped mock-up in the post below, modified from a photo of the maroon HC. Not bad, if I do say so myself! The buffer beam colour looks pinkish in these photos, but is the correct 'signal red' in real life.

We think this is a most attractive livery, and we have approved these colours for manufacture. Production is now under way, and we expect that the finished models will be available for sale in both the UK and Australia before Christmas. The loco will be accompanied by a brand new etched brass fret, featuring all-new names, numbers and oval builder's plates. Also included, of course, will be our famous injection moulded steam loco tools, featuring the bucket with the working handle!

And just for fun, here is a miniature version of yours truly contemplating this delightful new Ixion model. The figure is created by using a 3D scanner to capture the likeness - thanks to the students in my Year 11 Digital Imaging class - which is then printed on a 3D printer. In this case, for you technically-minded folks, in standard resolution on an UP Plus 2 3D printer in white ABS plastic. The print's rough surface hasn't yet been cleaned up, but the likeness is remarkable. The wonders of technology!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

32 Class tender - more information

We've had a flood of expressions of interest in the 32 Class - thanks, everyone. 
One correspondent asked "Were they really fitted with ex-50 Class tenders?" This was my wording in the original post, and is in error. The answer, as provided by James McInerney, noted modeller and Production Manager of the Australian Model Railway Magazine, is as follows:

Point of order on the blog post. The tenders fitted to the 32 Class aren’t “ex-50 Class standard goods bogie tender”. The correct name is “standard 3650 gallon bogie tender”. The 3650 gallon tenders were designed for, and built new, with the 32 class and were also later delivered with the 50 class (and some of the 53 class) and were later widespread throughout all the Standard Goods classes as tenders were moved around to suit operation requirements (modified, surplus 3650 gallon tenders were also fitted to the 27, some 30T and at least one 12 class locomotive).

Thanks, James! 

Monday, 6 October 2014

New Ixion NSWGR HO Loco Revealed - The low-frame 32 Class

The Directors of Ixion Model Railways are pleased to announce that their next model will be the New South Wales Government Railways 32 Class 4-6-0 tender locomotive in HO (1:87) scale. This model will represent the class in it's original low-frame (P Class) configuration. This variation has only previously been available ready-to-run in limited-run hand-built unpainted brass, and that was in the last century!

These locomotives were the universal workhorses of the NSWGR, working suburban, mainline and branchline passenger, goods and mixed trains. One low-frame member of the class has been preserved - 3265, pictured below in its preserved maroon livery.

The engines displayed many variations in their lifetime. The model will be paired with an ex-50 Class standard goods bogie tender. Whilst the computer-generated 3D drawings are still being finalised, we have asked the factory to look at the options of including both saturated and superheated versions, with both angled and curved running plates. Liveries are likely to include lined green, service black and the preserved maroon. More information will be available as we receive it from our factory. Delivery is expected sometime in the third or fourth quarter of 2015.

Your feedback would be welcomed. Email us at .

Phil Badger, Chris Klein and Lindsay O'Reilly
Ixion Model Railways Ltd.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Possible new run of brass 7mm Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST

Dear friends,

It never rains, but it pours...

In addition to last week’s announcements:
We are being pushed in the UK to do a second run of our Chinese hand-built brass, painted, RTR Manning Wardle 0-4-0ST, modelled on a standard 'H' Class. Our model is based on the famous local Australian example, NSWGR No.1021 "Cardiff".

At present the specs would be identical to the previous run, but in UNLINED BLACK only (no lined blue this time). The new expected retail price would be 460 UK pounds - $818 Aussie dollars at tonight’s exchange rate.

To see videos of this model in 12V DC and DCC form, go to Youtube and search for "Ixion Manning Wardle". The model as supplied is DC only, but can be converted to DCC by enthusiasts.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these models, can you please email with a FIRM expression of interest. 

We will only commission the run if there is enough interest to fund the run, which is obviously paid for up front by us (but we’re not planning to ask for pre-payments. It’ll be cash on delivery for you.)

Lindsay O’Reilly

Ixion Model Railways Ltd.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Well, after a long hiatus when we had nothing new to report, we now have three major announcements. 
These have been communicated to the major model railway magazines in the UK and Australia, and posted by Chris on RM Web, but here they are on our official blog.

28 August, 2014
Ixion Model Railways foreshadows new models
Total sales of the 7mm scale Hudswell Clarke saddle tank now exceed 1300 units, and Ixion has now sold over 2850 O scale locomotives.
This success of our products has resulted in these commissioning of these three new models:

1. O Scale: A new production run of Hudswell Clarke locomotives
Ixion Model Railways Ltd is pleased to announce that we are now sold out of both green and maroon Hudswell Clarke tank locomotives.
To satisfy customer demand, we have commissioned a second, limited edition run of Hudswell Clarke locomotives in a new livery of forest green, lined in red and black
An artist’s impression of the livery is included below. These will be available from selected retailers in the UK and Australia, and online from the Ixion website. We hope to have these in stock for Christmas this year.

 2. An HO Scale Locomotive
Ixion is pleased to announce that our next new locomotive will be produced for the Australian HO scale (1:87) market.
With two of the Ixion directors being NSW modellers, this is a logical move into their home market with a familiar prototype.
It will be a New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR) steam locomotive, never before available in injection-moulded ready-to-run form.
Produced in the same factory which has made the acclaimed and award-winning On30 Coffee Pot, and 7mm scale Hudswell Clarke and Fowler locomotives, it will follow Ixion's well-established standards of prototype fidelity and excellence of performance, and will be DCC and sound-ready.
The identity of this locomotive will be revealed when the first computer-aided design drawings are available in October this year. Delivery is anticipated for the third quarter of 2015.

 3. A new O Scale Locomotive
Ixion is also collaborating with another company (a new manufacturer, not an existing one) on the production of a ready-to-run 7mm scale standard gauge steam locomotive suitable for both the UK and Australian markets. 
More information about this model will be available soon - watch the Ixion website and blog for updates on all locomotives.

Please direct any enquiries to

Phil Badger, Chris Klein and Lindsay O’Reilly

Ixion Model Railways Ltd.

Monday, 31 March 2014

David Smith's Fowler

David L O Smith has worked his modification magic again, on his GWR Fowler this time.

With his trademark tweaks, he has made his loco unique. Check out the turned brass bezels (outer rings) for the cab dials, impossible - well, impractical - in a mass produced loco.

The whole story is on David's website here. Enjoy!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Green Hudswell Clarkes All Gone!

Ixion has sold out of lined green Hudswell Clarke locomotives. 

A handful may remain on the shelves of Ixion stockists - look at the list of our UK, European and Australian stockists at, and make some calls if you want one.

Good stocks remain of lined maroon and unlined black locomotives, and these are available from our retailers, and (for Australian and NZ customers) from Ixion online here.

David L.O. Smith's Amazing Reworked Hudswell Clarke

British 7mm scale modeller David L.O. Smith has been using his Forum postings on RMweb to record the progress of his conversion of an Ixion Hudswell Clarke into a very specific locomotive: the Great Central Railway's No 278, named "Humber".

The conversion is quite brilliant, replacing all those parts that he identified as different on 'Humber', and fabricating many new items to more accurately represent the prototype. Whilst still unmistakably an Ixion Hudswell Clarke, the super-detailing really sets David's model apart.

Some more photos of the completed loco are included below to whet your appetite. For the full blow-by-blow account of the conversion, David has now put the complete uninterrupted write-up on his website at: It's an absorbing and fascinating read. Click the link above, and prepare to be entertained and inspired. 

As a teaser, for those who think it looks pretty straightforward, these are the original components David had left over after the build!

When complimented on his workmanship by [Ixion Directors] Chris Klein and myself, this was David's typically humble response:

Again, thank you for your compliments about my model but it really is straightforward when you have such a fine starting point.  Yesterday, I put the final coat of flat finish on my GWR Fowler; I shall write that up as well but, apart from a few minor mods and additions, it was really about painting the fly cranks, rods and buffer stocks in a matching shade of red, so there’ll not be that much to it.

All the very best for your continued enterprises.

We look forward to David's Fowler, and hope to post that story here too.

Lindsay O'Reilly.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ixion visiting Aylesbury for Railex 2014

Ixion's UK Director Chris Klein will be joined at Railex 2014 at Aylesbury, Bucks. on Saturday May 24th this year by Australian Ixion Director Lindsay O'Reilly. 

Whilst we won't have a table or official presence, it'll be a chance for Lindsay in particular to meet some of our traders (especially Dragon Models and EDM Models) and customers in person, and take in some brilliant modelling at the same time. Lindsay has seen the stunning layout list, and wonders how he'll have time to do anything except stare, dribble, boggle and drool.

Look for the Ixion badges/shirt/cap - the first on Chris and latter two probably on Lindsay. The difference is explained by this being a normal Ixion promotional activity for Chris, but Lindsay will very much be in Big Ol' European Holiday mode.

So if one of us is in a tie, you can take a guess in advance which one that will be!

Details of the show are at .

Ixion at the Aus7 ExpO 01/03/2014

Just a reminder to all Australian readers about the Aus7 Modellers ExpO coming up in Sydney on Saturday March 1st. The Aus7 Modellers Group Inc is the premier modellers' association for O gauge modellers, and  - despite the name - embraces not just 7mm scale modellers working in 1:43.5 scale, but also 1:48 scale standard gauge (Victorian and Queensland railways modellers for example) and narrow gauge modellers in both scales. check out the Aus7 website at

The Expo is going to be a great day, and has been organised to celebrate the 10th Anniversary
 of the founding of the Group. More information about the Expo, happening at the Casula 
Powerhouse Arts Centre from 9am-4pm, is on the Aus7 website.

Sponsored by O-Aust Kits, it will feature the cream of Australia's O gauge layouts and 
modellers, as well as specialist O gauge traders.

Ixion Models will be represented by Directors Phil Badger and Lindsay O'Reilly, and will 
have a display of our models, as well as Hudswell Clarkes, Fowlers and accessories for sale.
We will also have a brilliant DCC and sound-fitted Fowler from EDM Models in the UK. 
Come and say 'Hi', and hear this state-of-the-art model do its thing.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Chris' New Layout

Ixion's UK Director Chris Klein has started his own 'blog' - an RMWeb Forum thread that will record the construction of his O Gauge South Wales colliery/GWR layout. 

Smartly titled "Cwm Bach - A South Wales Branch Line"* it outlines the philosophy, history, origins and ideas behind the forthcoming layout. 

You can read the whole thing here, but I have copied the first post below to whet your appetite.

Enjoy, and a Happy New Year to you all.

* The name "Cwm Bach" sounds like "Come Back", if spoken in a Welsh accent.

Posted Jan 01 2014, 21:42 by Chris Klein, as 81A OldOak
Cwm Bach - A South Wales Branch Line
I have long been attracted to the railways of Wales, particularly those in the coalfields of South Wales and the Cambrian Railways, which, I suppose, pretty much much covers the principality apart from a narrow strip along the north coast. For many years I have modelled a 4mm scale fictional extension of the coast line of the Cambrian line from Pwllehli to Abersoch via a junction at Boduan with a branch to  Morfa Nefyn. The layout has been well documented in the Railway Modeller since my maiden article appeared in 1992. Concurrently, I have been constructing 7mm scale rolling stock following the puchase of a Slater's 7 plank wagon for experimental and medicinal purposes at the annual show of the Southampton MRS in January 1994. I had the kernel of an idea for a South Wales branch line in 0 Gauge in the 1950s. The main attractions of South Wales, especially for 0 Gauge, were the almost exclusive use of tank locomotives on most of the Valleys' lines, the survival of a surprising number of pre-Grouping locomotives into the mid and even late 1950s, the very dense network of lines, cramped locations in narrow valleys and ample scope for industrial railway operations.

To date, my modelling efforts on the 7mm side have been restricted by the very limited time that my busy job in London permitted, especially the almost 2 hour of commuting each way. By the way, I travel by train between Winchester and Waterloo and the modern railway scene is very boring to the extent that the sight of even one rarely used siding at Surbiton station excites interest. But that is to digress. With effect from today, I have reduced my working time to the annual equivalent of two days per week so that I now have more time to pursue  my many other interests.  More importantly, it means I can start major projects without the fear that thery will never be finished.

So where does the 0 Gauge layout start?  I have always been attracted to the small GWR station at Abergwynfi that served the erstwhile Avon Colliery ever since I saw the photograph (reproduced with permission) by Michael Hale in Volume 1 of his seminal work "Steam in South Wales". On the front cover of the same book there is also a very inspiring colour photo of a GWR pannier tank shunting the very decrepit Glyncorrwg collieryin 1962. Abergwynfi station itself was built onto a narrow ledge carved out of the valley's side with the colliery line continuing its ascent behind the station. My idea is to reverse the colliery branch via an elevated kick-back siding behind the station and to add a couple of sidings in front of the station for general goods. The baseboards excluding the fiddle-yard have actually been built, but I need to dismantle the 4mm scale Boduan Junction, which is now life expired, to make space. I will draw and post a sketch later on.

Some general features of the intended layout:

  • Dimensions approximately 15' x 2'.
  • DCC for locomotive control. I am still unconvinced about steam sounds for DCC so often operate with them switched off. Diesel sounds are much more convincing.
  • Point and signals will be actuated by Tortoises that I accumulated during business trips to the USA when the pound/dollar exchange rate was 1:2. I won't fuss about with DCC for their control.
  • Pointwork has been constructed from C&L and Peco components.
  • Couplings are currently 3-link and cosmetic screw, but I will install Lincs if they ever return to the market (or if anyone by any chance has some they are willing to sell to me).

Stay tuned for further instalments.

Attached Thumbnails

  • Abergwynfi station scan.jpg