Saturday, 23 January 2016

Some kitchen bench photos

Some kitchen bench photos.

Phil came up tonight and we made a list of the corrections to the 3265 sample. These photos show the three locos together. The colour of 3265 looks great in the flesh, but is entirely wrong under the kitchen bench downlights. Never mind, just look at that lovely etched nameplate, and the lining of the headlight and compressor. 3333 is also shown with 3298's six-wheel tender, just to show the 'look' of that variation.

We also paid the bill tonight for the purchase all the components for the production run, so one step closer again to delivery.

The corrections we found are only minor things, and will not delay manufacture. Fascinatingly, we discovered that the cab numbers on 3265 are in different places on each side, in order to line up between the lines of rivets. So the final model will reflect this.
The buffers and rods are not blackened because this will only be done 'in bulk' on the final components. We are very happy now with the appearance of the front buffer beam with its removable piece for fitting a Kadee, and also with the unobtrusiveness of the join in the funnel. The cutout on the inside front of the cylinders, made to negotiate an 18" radius curve, is virtually invisible in any normal viewing situation, which is pleasing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


OK, here it is! The decoration sample of 3265 - photos taken at the factory. The loco is now winging its way to Phil Badger for checking, but initial reactions are positive. Except for the unpainted buffers - those are a mystery, again. Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

First Decoration Samples Received

We have received the first two decoration samples of the 32 class. These contained a number of issues, quite a few of which were caused by the shipping (as the final protective packaging is not yet available) and some which require assembly tweaks in the production run. For example, the rods are not blackened as this needs to be outsourced, and is only set up to be done to all 3200 pieces, not to just 4! We are also awaiting the delivery of the sample of 3265 later this month, delayed due to the postal service losing the paint sample sent in November.
Our Technical Director Phil Badger has gone over the samples, and sent back an extensive list of amendments and corrections, so please don't let us know of things you can see. The photos are, however, a good representation of the liveries, and the appearance of the two footplate variations of the locos at this stage in the manufacturing process.
Phil reports that the running is smooth and quiet, with slightly-better-than-prototypical load hauling capabilities. He would like to emphasise, however, that the locos have been designed for a minimum of 24" (600mm) radius curves. The factory has experienced some derailments of the front bogie on 18" radius curves due to the bogie contacting the brake shoes of the front driving wheel. Where purchasers are requiring the loco to traverse an 18" (450mm) radius curve, this can probably be achieved by either the removal of the brake shoes, or the substitution of scale 3' diameter wheels in the bogie.