Thursday, 29 January 2015

Calling All Rail Historians: 32 Class Mk 2 Drawing

The images are from the Mark 2 version of the HO scale 32 Class, just received from from the factory.

We are at the stage where we are inviting feedback from modellers knowledgeable about the prototype low-frame 32 Class. These drawings are primarily based on the surviving low-frame 32, 3265. Some alternative parts may be seen in the drawings, e.g. safety valves. 

Please look closely at these images. If you can see any issues, please email us at clearly stating the issue/s you have identified, and we will check them against drawings and photographs. For example, We are already checking the shape of the rear coupling rod, which photos indicate was slightly 'oval', not the parallel-sided shape shown here. 

Clicking on the images will open a new large higher-resolution, wide-screen image in your browser.

Ixion is keen to not only produce the most accurate model possible - allowing for some unavoidable mass-production compromises - but also to tap into the collective knowledge of the railway enthusiast and modelling community. Please feel free to pass on this Blog link to anyone whom you believe may have expertise which could benefit this project.

Monday, 19 January 2015

First 32 Class drawings

Ixion has received the first draft of the 3D CAD drawings HO scale NSWGR C32 Class locomotive. 

These have been examined by our Technical Director Phil Badger. Over 50 required corrections have been noted (yes, including the incorrect flangeless centre driver, buffer beam, etc) and the drawings have been returned to the factory for adjustments.

Whilst these drawings are only an early first version, they do give evidence of the progress thus far. Enjoy!