Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ixion visiting Aylesbury for Railex 2014

Ixion's UK Director Chris Klein will be joined at Railex 2014 at Aylesbury, Bucks. on Saturday May 24th this year by Australian Ixion Director Lindsay O'Reilly. 

Whilst we won't have a table or official presence, it'll be a chance for Lindsay in particular to meet some of our traders (especially Dragon Models and EDM Models) and customers in person, and take in some brilliant modelling at the same time. Lindsay has seen the stunning layout list, and wonders how he'll have time to do anything except stare, dribble, boggle and drool.

Look for the Ixion badges/shirt/cap - the first on Chris and latter two probably on Lindsay. The difference is explained by this being a normal Ixion promotional activity for Chris, but Lindsay will very much be in Big Ol' European Holiday mode.

So if one of us is in a tie, you can take a guess in advance which one that will be!

Details of the show are at .

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