Tuesday, 7 October 2014

32 Class tender - more information

We've had a flood of expressions of interest in the 32 Class - thanks, everyone. 
One correspondent asked "Were they really fitted with ex-50 Class tenders?" This was my wording in the original post, and is in error. The answer, as provided by James McInerney, noted modeller and Production Manager of the Australian Model Railway Magazine, is as follows:

Point of order on the blog post. The tenders fitted to the 32 Class aren’t “ex-50 Class standard goods bogie tender”. The correct name is “standard 3650 gallon bogie tender”. The 3650 gallon tenders were designed for, and built new, with the 32 class and were also later delivered with the 50 class (and some of the 53 class) and were later widespread throughout all the Standard Goods classes as tenders were moved around to suit operation requirements (modified, surplus 3650 gallon tenders were also fitted to the 27, some 30T and at least one 12 class locomotive).

Thanks, James! 

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