Monday, 16 March 2015

Ixion's 32 Class loco variations - pictures

These images represent the four variations of the 32 Class, available in twelve numbers in this production run from Ixion. They are, in order:

Curved running plate, 3650 gallon bogie tender (3265; 3223, 3258, 3273, unnumbered)

Curved running plate, P Class six-wheel tender (3208)

Angled running plate, 3650 gallon bogie tender (3333, 3361, 3375)

Angled running plate, P Class 6-wheel tender (3298, 3307, 3372) 

These images will soon appear on the Ixion website, accompanying the 'Buy It Now' buttons for pre-release purchases at the special discount price of $545, post free. 

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