Saturday, 4 April 2015

First Fortnight Brings Brisk Sales

First fortnight brings brisk sales...
Headline writing is hard! I have always admired those sub-editors at newspapers who can come up with classic corny headlines at a moment's notice, under the weight of the pressure of the waiting presses. This is my attempt, going after alliteration as the motif. I doubt I should give up my day job!

What I wanted to say is that sales of the 32 Class are off and running, and we are thrilled by the number of modellers who are prepared to trust our reputation, and invest sight unseen in our first HO loco. Interestingly, sales are covering all version of the loco available - the red edge ones are proving popular, as are the six-wheel tender version, which has never - to my knowledge - been commercially available RTR before. I've only seen bogie-tendered locos in the original brass low-framers.

Unsurprisingly, however, it has been the model of the beautifully preserved, lined maroon 3265 which has attracted the most attention. So, if you want one, don't delay. It seems certain that this loco will be the first to sell out.

3265 fresh out of the restoration paint shops. Photo ©David Potter

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