Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Stop Press - first 32 Class EP arrives

We are delighted to announce that we have this morning received the first EP* of Ixion's HO scale NSWGR 32 Class. 

Ixion's Technical Director Phil Badger and some other keen-eyed modellers have been poring over it today, and as soon as the loco is back together he will send me some photos which I will post as soon as possible. I am currently still in hospital, recovering from three major bowel surgeries in a fortnight and, whilst I am on the mend, I do tend to glaze over mid-sentence and forget what I'm saying; or so my family tell me. So some things like adding images may be more of a challenge than normal, and if there's a delay in posting them, I ask your forgiveness in advance.

After this check over, running trials will be conducted on a layout on Thursday and we would expect to post video of those as well. We have both a bogie tender and a six-wheel tender, so you'll be able to see how both variations look. 

More soon!

*EP = Engineering Prototype. This is a fully built-up, running sample of the model, but missing a range of things like some rivets etc which are added when all else is correct. There are often also areas of the tooling which have not yet been polished, so the final surface is not yet apparent.

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  1. Lindsay. Great news with the EP models arrivals, don't worry too much about rushing the photo's & video, get over the pain in the butte first.


    Col Hussey