Friday, 8 November 2013

UK Fowlers in shops now

The UK shipment of new 7mm scale Fowlers has landed, cleared customs, arrived at the warehouse and most shop orders are now at, or on their way to Ixion's stockists.

The models look fantastic, and all have been test-run at the factory. The supplied accessories pack of injection moulded diesel loco tools and etched name and works plates is included, but is missing the dummy electric lamps. These are being produced at the factory, and will be available soon.

The toolkits packaged for separate sale (with a card header) DO contain the lamps, and will also be available at your local stockist (or ask them to order some in). The etched plates, however, are not available for separate sale; you'll have to buy a loco to get those!

The limited Australian shipment of 50 locos, 25 of each livery, is clearing customs, and should be available for purchase and delivery late next week.

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