Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weathered Fowler

Dave Hall, one of the correspondents on the UK website RM Web, under the user name 'Ruston',  has been DCC chipping and weathering his Fowler. Ixion has received his permission to reproduce his photos and description here, so I append them below, for your viewing pleasure.

If you'd like to follow the discussion about our newest model, the thread is here.


Here's Dave's RMWeb post:

So, after running it for 15mins in forward and 15mins in reverse on the rollers with straight DC I had the body off and fitted a decoder.
Then I had a go at painting and weathering.
I removed the oil lamp by easing it out with a pair of snipe-nosed pliers and filled the hole with plastic rod, shaped to fit exactly into the square hole.
I gave the bodyork a coat of matt varnish to take the shine off and painted the wheels and rods. The rods have been given a touch of weathering where the driver has spilt oil when lubricating them. This was done using a mix of red-brown, gunmetal and satin black.

The running plate has been painted with matt black that has a touch of white added and a touch of weathering powders brushed onto the running plate. The shiny silver hand rails and bonnet handles have been painted over with rust.
The buffers have been painted with a rust-coloured mix and the same mix of as on the rods has been applied to them.
I am currently painting a driver figure and will add the oil can that came with the loco as soon as that too is painted.

I also painted the jack but I feel this ought to have been a seperate item with the toolkit, rather than being moulded on to the running plate.

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