Thursday, 12 December 2013

Chris' Black Fowler

Ixion's UK Director Chris Klein has resprayed a plain green Fowler in an overall black livery. This will be his own loco, and it shows how easy it is to modify the stock model.

Chris has repainted the coupling rods, cranks, buffer stocks and jack in red. He has added etched maker's plates and nameplates (included with the loco), and swapped out the working lamps for the dummy electric headlights that are included in the Fowler's accessory pack. (I am scanning the etched brass fret, and the injection moulded accessories pack, and will post those pictures soon, as we've had a few queries as to what is included.)

The Kitchener brass name plate has been painted with red enamel and then lightly rubbed, face down, on fine emery paper to produce the appearance of brass letters on a red background. Simple, and effective.

Finally, Chris has picked out the 'Fowler Leeds' maker's name on the bonnet radiator in white paint. Light weathering has yet to be applied, and I'll post those images when I have them. Enjoy his handiwork!

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