Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hudswell Clarke Accessory Packs

As promised, I have included here scans of the accessories included with our Hudswell Clarke locomotive, as some correspondents have been asking what is included.

Firstly, the etched brass fret. Those with eagle eyes can find the plates for the sole representative of this class that came to Australia. Maker's number 1530, it worked the Bunnerong Power Station in Sydney before being sold to a contractor, who later sold it on to the Wallarah Colliery, where it ended its life much modified, hauling the coal trains from the colliery to the jetty at Catherine Hill Bay, south of Newcastle. 
Those readers who know the three Ixion Directors will also recognise that we have honoured our treasured and supportive wives by including their names in the fret.

Secondly, the injection-moulded fire irons and accessories pack. The small sprue contains two oil bottles and a bucket with a separate wire handle. The main sprue of fire irons contains shovels, prickers, clinker hammers and a rake. Being moulded, these are beautifully three-dimensional.

We would be most interested in hearing from customers about the usefulness of these accessory packs.
  • Have any of you used the sets included with the locomotives in your loco or layout detailing, 
  • Has anyone purchased them as separate packs? 
  • Have you used any of the etched plates anywhere else, on other locos?
  • And, are there any other accessories you'd like to see us include in future model releases?

Looking forward to your feedback,


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