Tuesday, 16 February 2016

An Open Letter to Shrike Models Customers

Dear Shrike Models 30T customers,

If you have contacted us, or are thinking about contacting us to confirm your order:

Please forgive me, I do not have time to deal with your enquiry at the moment. There are over 150 Shrike Models customer names names on a very convoluted list, and I am flat out dealing with my new full-time work, my volunteer and family commitments, and the upcoming Ixion C32. The correspondence that the 30T is generating is a bridge too far.

If you have bank records of your payment to Shrike Models, we WILL honour your pre-order, as explained online. However, we will be manufacturing only 1500 models in the first run of the 30T, not the 3000 Shrike had planned, so some variations are going to have to be dropped from the list of offered liveries and numbers. Once we have had time to assess this issue, we will again post news online. 

We really need a month to get the 30T in order before I can consider your request. Please extend your existing patience a little longer as we sort through the decisions that need to be made.

Kind regards,
Lindsay O’Reilly
Ixion Model Railways Australia Pty Ltd.

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