Thursday, 11 February 2016

Press Release: NSWGR C30T locomotive

Ixion to release Shrike Models’ HO scale 30T

Ixion Model Railways Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that, having come to an agreement with the new owner of the tooling, the Shrike Models HO scale NSWGR 30T Class 4-6-0 steam locomotive will now be manufactured and released as an Ixion model.

The release of the 30T will follow the Ixion Models HO scale NSWGR 32 Class, and the production run of the 30T will commence once we have sufficient income from sales of the C32 to fund the production run.

Due to rising production costs in China, and the fall in the US dollar against the Australian dollar, it will not be possible to honour Shrike Models' advertised prices for the 30T post-release; the price will rise. We are in negotiations with the factory on current production costs. More information about the new prices will be released once those negotiations have been concluded.

Ixion Models looks forward to adding the 30T to our range of locomotive models, as a clear demonstration of our commitment to modellers of Australian railways.

Chris Klein, Phil Badger and Lindsay O’Reilly.

Ixion Model Railways Ltd (UK) and Ixion Model Railways Australia Pty Ltd.


  1. Hi gents,
    Can you please advise, as its not clear in the press release, if for those of us who have pre-paid for the Shrike 30T, will this be honoured by Ixion?.
    Kind regards

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  3. Alex, payments to Shrike Models are a contract with them, not with Ixion Models. We are not obligated to honour them. Nevertheless we feel your pain, as modellers ourselves. We are aware of the issue. We are in negotiations with the factory about costs, and when these are resolved we will comment further on this issue.

  4. Thanks for the update Lindsay, not what I wanted to hear, but understandable.
    I know it may be a case of how long is a piece of string, but does Ixion have any idea on when this might be known & announced?